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Price List ~ ODF 2024

What you can expect from Geri and Rod:

  • Professional client service: prompt, reliable, friendly and helpful
  • Highest quality images: experienced equine photographers, skilled editing for screen or print
  • Inclusive: Everyone deserves to be celebrated and photographed regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, faith or ability
  • Complete satisfaction: have a question, a comment, or a concern let us know.
  • We want you to be pleased with your photos

Rodwindover photography

More important stuff:

Before the Festival:

Fill out our online contact forms or
Get your ride details: horse’s name, rider number, test information (date and time, ring name) to Geri or Rod

Let us know what photo items or collections you are interested in purchasing.

Enquire about enlargement prints. We can arrange convenient meet-ups for local clients, or shipping at extra cost for out-of-towners. Ask for prices if you are interested in custom print materials: canvas, acrylic or metal. They are spectacular! Prices vary considerably

Specify your preference whether to add an ODF logo (English or French) and year ‘event tag’ to your photos.

During the Festival:

Either Geri or Rod, or both if time and logistics permit, will photograph a minimum of one of your tests. Again, depending upon our availability, we will shoot multiple rides if circumstances allow.

We will taking photographs of candid ringside moments, before or after your tests to capture for our clients who have opted for a photo Collection (individual and group discount packages)

Dressage festival

After the Festival:

We will supply you with a private gallery (usually around 24 images) of shots. These are lightly edited, and watermarked from which you can select your images for purchase.

After you have selected your favourites; indicated your choices for file type, whether you wish to have the ODF 2024 event tag on your photos, and arranged for payment, Geri and I will be professionally edit your images and present them in a private gallery from which you can view, share and download your files.

If you have ordered prints, after you make your payment we will arrange for printing and delivery.

We’re always grateful if you choose to write a Google review, and / or tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, and most importantly; enjoy your photos and your memories!

Alissa S., a repeat client, says:

“For horse shows I’ve been accustomed to the hunter show process - sift through hundreds of photos to find a glimpse of your ride. With Geri and Rod, however, they were ringside for all of my rides (they checked times too!) and captured great photos of my tests, and also some delightful candid moments ringside. They have a fantastic eye for the art of photography and you can always count on them to capture your best moments.”

Dressage festivalAsk for the ODF 24 event tag for your photos!

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The Ottawa Dressage Festival trusts us to take their photos. You can too.
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